If you haven’t heard about the Facebook, you are not from my planet. Facebook is the most popular social networking platform across the globe. There are more than billions users on Facebook. Nowadays, Facebook is not only used for chatting and all but also for bringing the social issues in front of all. In past few months, Facebook had brought a lot of features for their users. But are you aware of it? For ex: Facebook live, stories feature, reactions and a lot more. In simple words, we can do a lot with the Facebook. Here are few facebook tricks you might be unknown of, so please have a look.

Fed Up Of Game Requests??

Your friends might have been playing any game and they have connected the same with the facebook. It is really irritating to get constant notifications on your drop down menu. I really got fed up of having the notifications for Candy Crush and 9 Ball Pool.facebook tricks: Block game request

Here is something for you, you can get rid off from these notifications with doing some tweaks.

In the mobile app, go to settings

Settings -> Account Settings -> Notifications and Uncheck the Application Invites.


Want to have faster loading news feed!!

Image result for facebook instant articles

Have you heard of the Facebook Instant Article? Nowadays, each and every firm wants to go online. And the facebook instant article is the first priority for them.

See Only What You Want to See in Your Feed…

I really don’t like to have any post from unwanted peoples and pages. If I tell you that you can set the priority for these posts and pages. Yes, you can! Just follow the given instructions.

Go to settings -> More -> News Feed Preferences.

The pages you mark here will be in the priority in your news feed. These posts and pages will appear with a little blue star, to bring your notice to them.

Annoyed of Birthday Notifications?facebook tricks

If you have a large facebook community and you are annoyed of getting the birthday notifications for the birthdays. Here is something for you, follow the given steps:

Go to settings -> Account Settings -> Birthdays -> Turn Off

Want to Download all your Facebook data

If you post on facebook a lot and you want to download all your data you’ve shared. You can do so by heading towards the General Account Settings.


I hope these facebook tricks would be helpful to you.