I am damn sure, you have used Google Chrome browser before. I am sure that you have encountered with the Aw Snap! Error. Usually this error comes when you try to visit but unfortunately it crashes suddenly.Aw Snap! Error

Most of the time, by reloading you can solve this issue. In case, if you are really unlucky, and the error doesn’t get solved. You need to try something for a permanent solution to resolve this issue.

So before solving any error or issue, you need to know about the causes. Basically Aw Snap! Error occurs because of the following reasons:

  • Lack of browser cache memory.
  • Slow internet connection.
  • Unapt plugins.
  • Hardware issues.

Normally this error is solved by just doing some tweaks in your browser. But if after doing all this, the problem get continued just follow the steps given below:

Most importantly, check whether your framework is associated with the Internet association

Steps to follow..

Step 1

Clear Chrome browsing data. You can do it by making a beeline for Settings > Advanced settings > Privacy > Clear browsing data.

Step 2

Check if any Antivirus or Malware hindering the locales from going to. Disable or kill at first and attempt to get to the website page. In the event that this takes care of the issue, attempt to deactivate it for the specific site or include as an exception in antivirus and firewall.

Step 3

As a rule malware likewise causes this mistake in program. Filter your entire gadget for malware and infections or basically utilize the Chrome Cleanup Tool to discover and evacuate undesirable programming.

Step 4

If not, the press Ctrl + F5 to refresh it and fetch a new copy of website dumping the local cache resource.

Step 5

If none of the above the steps works, re-installing the Chrome is the better option, but always remember to backup all your book marks.