Reliance JioPhone had created a lot of buzz in the recent days. Today, we have one more interesting news for all the WhatsApp lover. This is a 4G feature phone and the major concern was, if the WhatsApp will work on the JioPhone or not.

According to some sources, Reliance is working with the WhatsApp to develop such a version that would be operatable on the JioPhone also. This plan is in the initial stage only and it is not confirmed by the Reliance. It doesn’t sound practical to deploy an android app on the feature phone but Jio had already done this. JioPhone will come with many of the Jio apps preinstalled in it. And as being the largest messaging app in the world, Reliance cann’t ignore the WhatsApp.

As we know most of the renowned companies gives the choice between their regular app and a special version also called lite version. Lite version of these apps are able to work on budget smartphone and also in the areas of low connectivity. So, it is possible that WhatsApp will come with a special version of WhatsApp app for JioPhone.

Nobody can deny with the fact that, after JIO all the major platforms has got benefitted. Either it is YouTube, Facebook or WhatsApp. So don’t get surprised if any special WhatsApp will release soon for the JioPhone. This might be the marketing strategy of WhatsApp also to increase its user count.