I have noticed that most of the peoples don’t go through the sensors while purchasing a new smartphone. You know what, these sensors affect a lot besides the other configurations of the smartphones. In this article, I will let you know about the Accelerometer, Proximity, Compass, Ambient, Pedometer, Gyroscope, Barometer, GPS Chips, Fingerprint Scanner, NFC Chips, Magnetometer.

AccelerometerWhat Does Various Sensors on Our Smartphones Do?: Accelerometer

You may have heard about this sensor. Accelerometer is used measures the speed of movement. You may have noticed that the screen goes to portrait or landscape mode according to the orientation of the device. This is all because of the accelerometer.

ProximityWhat Does Various Sensors on Our Smartphones Do?: Proximity Sensor

Have you ever seen a block translucent dot near the earpiece? This is the proximity sensor which calculates the distance between the earpiece and the object.What Does Various Sensors on Our Smartphones Do?: Proximity Sensor

That’s why whenever you make a call, the screen blacks out as soon your phone comes near to you. This prevent the accidental contact of any option while we are on call.


Everyone knows what the compass is! You can determine the directions through the compass sensor. It also helps in GPS to show the directions.


Ambient sensor measures the light falling on the screen. You may have noticed that if your device is in auto brightness mode. You move to a darker place, the brightness of the screen become dim to make the screen comfortable to our eyes. And if you go outside in a sunny day, the brightness of the screen increases.

PedometerWhat Does Various Sensors on Our Smartphones Do?: Pedometer

This is not a must have sensor. It just measures how much you have walked. This sensor come in some higher end smartphones.


Gyroscope sensor lets the smartphone know about the X, Y and Z axis of the smartphone. This sensor is must for the VR, AR and 360 videos. Because the working of these technologies is dependent on the position, orientation and movement of the phone.


Generally, barometer is used for measuring the pressure. But In smartphones it is not meant for detecting the pressure. It tells at what altitude the smartphone is. That is the reason this is used in GPS for getting faster logs.

GPS Chips

What Does Various Sensors on Our Smartphones Do?: Gyroscope Sensor

Basically, these are not the sensors, these are the chips present on our devices. Most of the people don’t even know that there are 2 Variants: The Traditional One (Done By US), GLONAS (From Russia). For the best navigation, the higher end smartphone are equipped with both these chips.

Fingerprint ScannerWhat Does Various Sensors on Our Smartphones Do?: Fingerprint Sensor

Everyone knows about the fingerprint scanner. Fingerprint scanner are used for providing the best security to your smartphones. Not only the security, recently fingerprint scanner are also used for the authorisation for many purposes.


You may have seen in many smartphones that as soon as you flip the case over the screen, the display gets off. Magnetometer is solely responsible for this action.

Optical Heart Rate SensorWhat Does Various Sensors on Our Smartphones Do?: Optical Heart Rate Sensor

This is also not exactly a sensor but an hardware component. Optical Heart Rate Sensor measures the heart rate. This option is available in some premium smartphone from Samsung.