What’s up iPhone lovers! This article is for you guys. Like always there is really a great hype of the upcoming iPhone, iPhone 8. It is expected that this time we will experience something really different. We have a confirmed leak that has been confirmed by Apple Suppliers and other Apple Employees.

Few days back, Robert Hwang (CEO – iPhone Assembler Wiston) was addressing the press at the Company’s Annual Shareholder Meet. By mistake he had given confirmed indication of the wireless charging. He said, “Assembly process for the previous generations of iPhones have not changed much, though new features like waterproof and wireless charging now require some different testing.”

But, I am a little afraid for the price after this leak.

Time To Do Some Mathematics For The Price Of iPhone 8

Based on the leaks yet, suppose Apple require $35 for the shape changing OLED. Add $22 if the leaks of the integrated touch id with the screen comes true. Extra $20 for the introduction of 3D sensing technology. Faster memory do needs an investment of $29.

35 + 22 + 20 +29 = $106

The calculation made above had crossed the $100 margin. Remember, we haven’t added the cost for the wireless charging and I think you might be aware with the Apple Profit Margin Scheme (35%-40%).

I know you are happy with all these advancements made but keep in mind, you have to pay for this.